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Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Fish Finder in 2018

You are sitting out on the lake your fishing rod is one of the best and you are waiting for a bite. You have the best bait but you have still not caught any fish.

The fish are hiding and looking into the water you cannot see anything as the waters murky. Using the best fish finder is an amazing gadget that helps you pinpoint fish in shallow to deep water.

The gadget can tell you how deep the water is. It also advises you on the temperature of the water. However, there are different brands available on the market and choosing the best fish finders available is a difficult task.

This is why we are here to help you with important information when choosing one suitable for your fishing needs.

10 things to consider when buying the best fish finder

When choosing the best fish finders available there are different things you need to consider. By following the steps we have set out here, you can find the one suitable for your needs.

· Consider the Frequency

One of the important features of a fish locator is the frequency range. You can buy fish finders with three types of frequencies:

  • Dual
  • Single
  • Multiple frequencies

For fishing in shallow water the, 192 and 200 kHz is perfect. While the 50 and 83 kHz is more suitable for deep-water fishing.

· How is the fish finder powered

Here wattage is important. The higher wattage you have the faster the response is of the device. This allows you to see deeper into the water to find where the fish is hiding out. If you plan to fish in shallow water, you need a fish locator with less wattage.

· The Screen Resolution

When choosing a brand you want a fish finder with a high resolution. The screen resolution should be at least 240 x 160 pixels. You can also opt-in choosing one with a higher resolution. With the combined screen size and resolution, it determines how clear the image will be.

· The Transducer

This is another vital piece of the fish locator. This helps you find the fisher deeper down in the water. All the models available on the market have a transducer. But it is better to check the aftermarket and invest in an extra one. You may find the extra one can receive more data faster.

· Do you need a GPS?

Now for the ultimate fish finder, you can consider buying a model with GPS built-in. If you are an angler who goes out onto the lake or sea, this is necessary have. You can only benefit as it offers you the hot spots to fish. You can mark your best fishing spots to return to when needed. Further, it helps you to navigate through water and points you towards your home. This prevents you from getting lost at sea.

· Do you need a fixed one or portable model?

There are two different fish locators you can buy the fixed and portable models. If you lease a boat, opting for the portable unit is the best choice. Now if you own a boat, the fixed model is more suitable to use. You can mount it to your boat and leave it there.

· How durable is the device

No matter where you use the fish finder it needs to be durable enough to withstand any weather. Look for a waterproof rated design. You do not want your expensive gadget ruined by salt water.

· Other features to consider

You can consider other important features as well:

  • What is the cone angle?
  • What type of beams used in the fish locator?
  • What is the material used to construct the transducer?
  • What color display is the screen black & white or color?

· What is your budget?

These fancy devices can start from $200 up to a $1,000. Here the importance is to consider where you will be fishing. If you have a tight budget, you can find models sold under the 200-buck mark.

· Warranty and Customer Service

Many people forget about this important feature. You are spending loads of money on this device and a warranty with excellent customer service is necessary.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you fish, having the best fish finder will help, you find those hidden fish. They are great gadgets to have and once you use it, you will wonder where it has been all your life. Furthermore, you will wonder how you ever caught fish without one.Info Source:

How to Fish: Using Your Best Fish finder : Video Guide

Top 6 Must Have Things For Your Next Fishing Trip 2018

1. First Aid Box

Safety first in all you do. As a result, a small first aid kit should be the first must-have of your fishing gadgets with the hope that you won't have any complicating medical urgent situations while fishing. However, it is certain that small injuries and minor accidents may likely occur, such as cutting your thumb with the fish hook or falling down and being scrapped up.

As a result, it is better to have a small first aid box on hand in case of an accident even though it doesn't have to to be extraordinary or fancy. It only needs to contain the basic first aid items like bandages, Neosporin, and a number of water-resistance medical tapes. All these items should take care of the most injuries sustained from fishing accidentally.

2. A Pair of Pliers

Your pair of pliers is one thing you cannot afford taking with you while going for fishing, whether you are a seasoned fisherman or just getting started. Your pair of pliers alone can remove a hook from the mouth of a fish, cut braid or monofilament line, help in tying knots, crush barbs, and much more.

Nevertheless, look for quality construction out of a corrosion resistant material when you are buying one. You can choose the aluminum, stainless, or titanium pair of pliers.

3. Sunglasses

You will be out in the sun all through the day when you are fishing. Therefore, you need to wear sunglasses to prevent skin cancer and keep your face from looking like an ancient catcher mitt. For this purpose, you need polarized sunglasses that will reduce UV exposure, cut surface glare, and see clearly as the fish is hanging on the weed line or cruising the flats.

4. Plastic Worms

Having a package of plastic worms in your tackle box is always good, particularly if you are bass fishing. These plastic worms are available in different sizes and colors. The easiest to use plastic worms are those with long tails, while some fishermen believed that particular colors of plastic worms will increase the number of bites. However, this is possibly an irrational belief. But you might also continue making use of a particular color of plastic worm if you are fortunate with it.

5. Microfiber Towels

To avoid looking for a rag to clean the dew off the seat of the boat on an early morning fishing trip, to wipe your hands after fish release, or to clean coffee spill - there looks to be a never-ending supply of uses for the common rag. But the best type you can use for utmost absorption and reusability are the microfiber towels. You can wash these towels and reuse them over and over again, despite the fact that they are very expensive.

6. Extra Fishing Line

It is almost certain that the fishing line of even the best fish finder will get tangled up or break during a fishing trip, whether because you just get the line caught on a log, or for the simple reason that you get a bite from the well-known giant fish that skulks in the rock-bottom of the old fishing hole.

The fishing line you carry along to the fishing trip depends greatly on the type of fish you are looking for and your fishing location. You will want a more durable and heavier fishing line if you are fishing in rough areas. This will help you decrease the risk of snapping. On the other hand, stealth is the solution if you are fishing in a crystal clear lake.

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